Worthington is located on the "Buffalo Ridge", which is one of the windiest areas of the United States. Lake Okabena has been a sailing destination for over 100 years.

"Historic Photos" is a gallery that contains some of the oldest known photos of Lake Okabena and of Worthington.

After World War II, Worthington City Council adopted the German city of Crailsheim, to help the Germans with basic needs such as food and clothing.
"The Crailsheim Experiment" is a United States Military Document describing the Worthington/Crailsheim Sister City Proposal.

Making Peace is from the April 1948 issue of "American Family Magazine." This article is a great history lesson, and also claims Worthington was the first city in the United States to adopt a sister city in

George Dayton (founder of Dayton-Hudson Department Stores) lived in Worthington from 1880 to 1902. His home (located in Worthington) is a Historical Landmark. A great video on the Dayton House can be found

The article "
My Kind of Town" was written in 2008 by resident Tim O'Brien. This article is about growing up in Worthington, and is on file at Smithsonian.com.